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Perfect Scissors - 7.5" Blade Karen Kay Buckley's

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Transform your cutting experience with Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors - a 7.5-inch masterpiece designed to elevate your sewing and crafting projects. These ingenious scissors boast an enchanting purple hue on their handles, adding a dash of elegance to your toolkit. Revolutionize your cutting technique with the innovative blade that gently pulls fabric inward, ensuring a flawless, precise cut every time, unlike traditional scissors that tend to push fabric away. The micro-serrated edge not only guarantees accuracy but also prevents fraying, preserving the integrity of your fabrics. Indulge in the ultimate comfort with the cushioned handles that adapt seamlessly to both right and left-handed users. These lightweight scissors are ergonomically designed to prevent hand fatigue, making them an indispensable companion for all your creative endeavors. The 7.5-inch size is perfect for slicing through single or multiple layers of fabric, providing unparalleled versatility in your cutting tasks. Safeguard your investment with the included protective plastic cover that keeps the blades in pristine condition when not in use. Color: Purple Handles Made of: Plastic and Metal Use: Scissors Size: 7.5in long Included: One Pair of Scissors Perfect Scissors - 7.5" Blade by Karen Kay Buckley's from Checker Dist.